Patek Phillipe Tourbillon Rosegold

₹ 3,899

₹ 9,999


Patek Phillipe Tourbillon Rosegold

New Model & Design Updated, Rugged Looks, The Quality & Looks to suit your budgeted demand.

Patek Phillipe Tourbillon Rosegold Back Open Automatic Movement is Available Now.

Patek Phillipe
For Men
7AA Premium Automatic Collection
Rotating Tourbillon Machinery
Dial Size – 45mm
Features as follows –
Working 24-hour automatic analog
Rotating Tourbillon
Back Rose Gold Transparent Machinery Looks
Stainless Rosegold Heavy strap
Easily Operated Lock
New Rose Gold Face
Rotating Sun Moon movement
New Switch button technology
Pendulum Charge Japanese Automatic Movement

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